Bénédictine creates alchemy in London

Bénédictine Liqueur is bringing a touch of alchemy to Shaker BarSchool on Thursday 2nd August, as it lays down the gauntlet to aspiring mixologists to create a new Bénédictine inspired cocktail.

The challenge behind the competition is to create a cocktail containing a minimum of 35ml Benedictine, which will be marked on taste, aroma, product knowledge and presentation.

The winner of the competition will then join two other regional competition winners on a once in a life time educational trip to France in September, including a visit to the liqueur’s birthplace in Fécamp, Normandy and a Cocktail Safari in Paris.

The competition starts at 12pm and will take place at

Shaker BarSchool

119 Hampstead Road



For more informtation or to enter please contact

Kat Jones, at MC2 on katj@mcmc.co.uk


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