Signature Serve in Diffords Guide for Tim.

Tim Garratt, senior bar trainer at Shaker & Company, started tending bar in Leeds when he was 18, moved to York to study but continued to work in bars full-time. “In the end, I fell in love with the industry and decided to leave uni as it wasn’t for me,” he says.

From York, he moved to Brighton and become a frequent face in cocktail competitions while tending bar at the Seattle hotel by Brighton marina, spending five years in the city and helping build the fraternity by creating the Brighton Bartending Association. Then the recession hit, bars started to close and many of his bartender friends moved to London.

Tim initially resisted doing similar, becoming a freelance trainer for bar school Shaker UK in 2010, commuting from Brighton, until recently succumbing to the allure of the capital and moving up to take a permanent position.

“Shaker & Co is a fantastic bar with no pretense,” he says. “We offer a vast range of spirits, create seasonal cocktails as well as offering classics, alongside real ale, great wine, a selection of bottled and draught beers, but most-importantly, down-to-earth yet attentive service.”

For our part, we like Shaker’s old-time American bar-style, lived-in appearance and its pub-like atmosphere.

Now 26, Tim has settled into his career. “Bartending is most certainly a skill but let’s face it, we don’t save lives. What we do is make people’s lives a little bit more entertained. I believe that some people take things far too seriously and forget a key aspect of the job: having fun.” In the short-term, he’s hoping to become head trainer for Shaker. Medium-term, he’d like to go into a more ambassadorial role. “Like most bartenders,” he adds, “I ultimately want to have my own bar, probably back home in Leeds.”

Anyway, to his signature cocktail: “I chose the S&Co #2 as it is our house cocktail and a great fruity summer number. It stands out as we serve them in our very own mini three-piece shakers, which are available to buy for £2.50 at Shaker & Company.”

Shameless plug, Tim.

S&Co #2
Glass: Mini three-piece shaker
Garnish: Mint sprig and lemon twist
Method: Build in shaker, shake with crushed ice and serve in same vessel
40ml Remy Martin VSOP Mature Cask
20ml Aperol
10ml Orgeat
6-8 Mint leaves
20ml Lemon juice

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