Liquid Nitrogeon Safe Practice for Your Staff

A wine bar in Lancaster has been recently been fined £100,000 after a woman had to have her stomach removed after drinking a liquid nitrogen cocktail.

Gaby Scanlon was celebrating her 18thbirthday when she drank 2 Nitro-Jagermeister shots at Oscars Wine Bar and immediately started to suffer agonising stomach pains. She was rushed to hopsital by her concerned friends where she underwent emergency surgery to remove her stomach.

Shaker were first contacted by Sky News and BBC news; back in 2012 when the tragic story broke; to give our expert advise and our Director of Training Amit Sood was asked on national TV to highlight the dangers and safe practices of handling Liquid Nitrogen.

This case highlights the real need for bar owners to take responsibility and make sure their staff are fully trained not only in the more advanced skills such as handling liquid nitrogen but starting at the basics such as responsible drinking and service of alcohol. If your staff aren’t confident in these skills, then you can’t be confident that your patrons are receiving the best possible experience and that your business is operating responsibly.

Shaker BarSchool have been the global innovators for bartender training for the last 15 years and 2007 Shaker introduced the worlds first molecular mixology course delivering safe, practical and theoretical training in the principles and advanced techniques of molecular mixology, including safe handling of liquid nitrogen, dry ice, spherification, foams, infusions, homemade bitters….


Over the last several years Molecular Mixology or MM has become common practices and making its way onto the menus of some of the best cocktail bars in the world making cocktails a full sensory experience for the drinker.

Taking inspiration from some of the worlds top chefs including Pierre Gagnaire, Heston Blumenthal and Ferran Adria, you will learn the cutting edge techniques to make flavoured caviar and ravioli (see Mango Pina Colada disguised as a boiled egg), light and heavy foams and airs, jellies and explore some forgotten classic drinks categories, modern twists and competition winning recipes.

The Molecular Mixology Course will introduce you into this world and open up a playground for you to experiment and create world class cocktails.

Learning Objectives

Understanding of the main molecular techniques including, spherification, foams and airs
Knowledge of basic molecular ingredients and their safe use in Molecular Mixology
Knowledge of how to implement practical Molecular techniques into a working environment
Understand the endless practical applications of Molecular Mixology
Be capable of producing various molecular mixology cocktail to a high standard.



More Info and References about the case…

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