How can your social profile help you get a bartending job?

Have you done a bartending course with Shaker BarSchool and now you are looking to get a job in hospitality? Then read on and see how being social can help you score the ideal job.



Social media is something that has become part of our everyday life, we post our nights out, our inner most thoughts and even our breakfast choices without even batting an eyelid! and for many of us our social profiles are open for the world to see, so have you ever stopped and thought about who is viewing your profiles?

For job seekers this is a particular pertinent question, as more and more often recruiters are taking time to search for you on social media and see what kind of character you are, so maybe stop and think about how your social profiles represents you. We aren’t saying don’t post anything fun on there just think about who can see what, maybe change your security settings so only friends can see your profile, or if you do want to keep it open, then think twice before posting that you are pulling a sickie or how much you hate your job!

A great tip which works especially well for bartenders and people in the hospitality industry, post some work related videos and images up, so if you’ve created a mouthwatering cocktail take a picture and shout about your achievement, can you flair? then take a cheeky video of you flaunting your skills behind the bar and post it up for potential recruiters to see.

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If you are serious about expanding your bartending career, even if you are not currently job seeking then why not create a Linkedin account, Linkedin is a professional network, think of it like an online CV shouting about your hospitality jobs experience and bartending qualifications; and you can create a network of fellow hospitality workers, bar owners, recruiters and other professionals.  We stumbled across this great article on about how to create the perfect Linkdein profile when looking for a job, so we thought it only fair to share it with you too;

The Ultimate Linkedin Cheat Sheet

We’ve also found these useful tips on using your social presence to help land a job from Forbes;

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Some more useful reading on social media and getting a job in hospitality;

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