Shaker BarSchool and The Hospitality Guild

Shaker BarSchools training courses are accredited by The Hospitality Guild;

Hospitality Guild Kite Mark Quality Assured

What is the Hospitality Guild?

The Hospitality Guild is an alliance of employers, skills bodies, individuals and training providers dedicated to simplifying and promoting the professionalism of the hospitality industry.

How do we do it?

By encouraging those within the industry to work together and, as a result, reduce duplication of effort
By increasing awareness of the many different opportunities available in hospitality, including careers, apprenticeships, education & training and making them easy to find, navigate and understand
By simplifying all aspects of professional development for individuals and employers
By highlighting clear career pathways to those wanting to enter the industry or those already in it.

The Hospitality Guild

Study for a professional bartender qualification and gain a diploma in bartending accredited by The Hospitality Guild.

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