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The Average bartender, despite the slanders of professional moralists, is a man of self respect and self possession; a man who excels at a difficult art and is well aware of it; a man who shrinks from ruffianism as he does from uncleanliness; in short, a gentleman...
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International Bartenders Course
Reference IBC
Duration 5 Days
From £699.00
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Course Cost: £699.00

Course Times: 40 hours Monday – Friday

Suitable for: Trade and Consumer
Designed for those who work in or wish to gain employment in the hospitality industry inc; Cocktail bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Cruise Ships in the UK or Internationally

Course Weight: 25% Theory/75% Practical

Examinations: Shaker Theoretical and Practical Exams. Shaker Free-Pouring Accuracy Test.

Certification: IBC and Free-Pouring certified by Shaker BarSchool®.

The International Bartenders Course is kite marked by the Hospitality Guild.

Certificates and Results are aimed to reach you within 4 weeks of completing the course.

***WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits and UKBG Membership is available to add to your course for only £75.00! (Usual price with WSET £175.00)***

Course Overview

So you want to be a cocktail bartender? 

The IBC is our most popular bartending course, with thousands of bartenders from around the globe graduating since 2001. The course involves an intense week of bartender training for both the beginner and developing bartender, building on bartending and practical cocktail skills to become a competent professional cocktail bartender.

..Now, when you take an IBC, you will also have the option to take a Level 1 Award in Spirits, certified by the internationally recognised WSET® only for an additional £75.00! giving you an introductory knowledge into spirits, including selling and serving techniques...

WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits:

This qualification aims to provide the basic product knowledge and skills in the service of spirits to prepare a person for their first job in hospitality or in other sectors of the spirits industry.  This course may also appeal to the interested consumer.

***This qualification is optional to students who are enrolled on the International Bartenders Course or packages where the International Bartenders Course is included***  

WSET® Exam - multiple choice paper.....

The qualification introduces candidates to: The main categories of spirits Process of distillation Factors affecting the flavour of spirits The WSET Level 1 systematic approach to Tasting Spirits Health, safety and legal issues Service and sales of spirits To gain the qualification students need to successfully complete a portfolio of tasting notes and a multiple-choice paper of 30 questions.



  • The History of Bartending
  • The Professional Bartender
  • Job Description


  • Reading your clientele
  • Customer Service
  • The Customer Journey
  • Handling Complaints
  • 10 Commandments of Complaint Handling


Product Knowledge Part I

Beers, Styles Of Ale, Wine And Champagne, Styles Of Wine, Wine Glasses, Wine Serving Temperatures, Opening And Serving Wine

Product Knowledge Part 2

Spirits, Spirit Production, The Tasting Wheel, Grain Distillates, Vodka, Gin, Whisk(e)y, Plant Distillates, Rum, Rum Styles, Cachaça, Tequila And Mezcal, Tequila Styles, Mezcal Production, Fruit Distillates, Brandy, Cognac, Aromatised Wines Bitters, Liqueurs Process of distillation Factors affecting the flavour of spirits Systematic Approach to Tasting Spirits Health, Safety and legal issues Service and sales of spirits

WSET® Exam - multiple choice paper (Optional)


  • Station Structure
  • Glassware
  • Glassware Styles
  • Garnish Preparation
  • Bar Preparation/Keep
  • Tools of the Trade


  • Pouring – Free pouring
  • Cocktail Methodology
  • Build and Stir
  • Shake and Strain
  • Fine Strain, Muddling and Blending
  • Layering


  • Cocktail History
  • The Structure of the Cocktail
  • Cocktail Categories Explained

Bloody Mary, Pina Colada, Collins, Sours, Mules, Daiquiris, Margarita, Mai Tai, The Martini, Fruit Martinis, Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini, French Martini, Caipirinhas, Mint Julep, Mojitos, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Plus many more


Place a deposit of £150.00 to reserve your place.

Your remaining course balance will be required 2 weeks prior to you taking the course.

N.B. Bookings made within 7 days of the course start date must be paid in full.

(All directions and information are available on the website or by calling 08707 202 877 between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

Certificates and Results are aimed to reach you within 4 weeks of completing the course. For international students allow for an additional 2-4 weeks.


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