Dry Martini

Dry Martini
Classic Cocktails

Glass: 5 oz Coupe
Method: See Methodologies of the Dry Martini
Garnish: Lemon Twist or 1 Olive on a Cocktail Stick
Total alcohol – 65ml
Dry: 5ml Dry Vermouth / 60ml Gin/Vodka
Medium: 10ml Dry Vermouth / 55ml Gin/Vodka
Wet: 15ml Dry Vermouth / 50ml Gin/Vodka
Up to 15ml Dry Vermouth – see above
50-60ml Martin Miller’s Gin/ Brokers Gin/Belvedere Vodka
Stir ice in mixing glass to chill, strain off water, add vermouth and gin/vodka and stir quickly for at least 20 seconds. Check temperature and dilution before serving. Strain into chilled glass using julep strainer.

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