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Classic Manhattan (Sweet)
When looking at the recipe you can see that it is closely related to the Martini cocktail, in terms of the ratios and methods used to build it. Just remember that the Manhattan is a red cocktail, the vermouth is generally sweet and it uses whisky and bitters, all of which are red or reddish brown in colour. The garnish, usually a maraschino cherry, is also red. This drink is quite robust and uses strong flavoured ingredients; classically this drink is always served straight up and is stirred to keep it crystal clear.
Glass: 5 oz coupe Martini
Method: Stir and Strain
50ml Buffalo Trace Bourbon
25ml Sweet Vermouth
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
1 barspoon of Maraschino Syrup
(Optional) only sweet or perfect
Dry Manhattan: substitute 25ml sweet vermouth for 25ml dry vermouth
Perfect Manhattan: use 12.5ml sweet vermouth and 12.5ml dry vermouth.
Play around with bitters and vermouth brands

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