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The Professional Bartender Package (Location – Redditch)


The Professional Bartender Package is designed as an entry point into the drinks industry. Ideal for those looking for a career as a professional cocktail bartender.



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  • Product Description

    Stage 1. The International Bartenders Course

    Product Description

    The International Bartenders Course is the essential bartender training course for every bartender starting their career in the drinks and hospitality industry. As a newcomer to the world of professional cocktail bartending the International Bartender course give you the practical skills and theoretical excellence to make you a winning candidate with employers. This is an ever evolving course that changes as the drinks industry does. Guaranteed to develop your bartending skills for the current drinks industry.
    Suitable for complete beginners as well as the developing bartender; the intensive 5 day bartenders course is designed to boost your confidence and skills as a bartender, giving you real world experience behind a fully functioning cocktail bar; skills that are transferable to bars, restaurants and hotels and not just in the UK but globally through the world.
    Throughout this course you will focus on classic cocktails, product knowledge and speed of service, with most of your time spent behind the bar honing your practical techniques, building your confidence and speed.
    Customer service is the key to good hospitality, it makes the difference between a good and an exceptional cocktail bartender, or maybe more importantly the difference between an average guest experience or a truly memorable one. Your journey into professional bartending will begin with a comprehensive study of looking at the fundamentals of great customer service, how to read your customer, how to handle a busy service and how to upsell as well as many other service techniques. These skills are essential in modern bartending and hospitality so throughout your course you will be expected to demonstrate them as your bar trainer sets you mini cocktail challenges! By the time you graduate excellent customer service will just be second nature.
    You will explore the production and history of all the major spirit categories, looking at how different techniques and processes can affect the end spirit that you will be using behind the bar. Then you will learn about the fundamentals of spirit tasting and how to taste, before sampling a range of spirits and producing systematic tasting notes.
    Throughout the course you will be looking at the mechanics of bartending and the different methods associated with creating classic mixed drinks from free pouring to stirring; you will get to experiment and perfect these essential methods during your time behind the bar. Every bartender has their own individual way of bartending, we encourage you to develop this; so by the time you graduate you are confident that you not only have the technical know-how but also your develop own style.
    As a professional bartender you will need to have an extensive knowledge of classic and contemporary cocktails to work in a cocktail bar, your bar manual has over 40 cocktail recipes for you to create and experiment with. Your expert bar trainer will take you on an in-depth exploration of all the major classic and contemporary cocktails, looking at how different base and modifier ingredients can affect the end cocktail, as well as variations on popular recipes. You will then have ample time behind the bar to practice and experiment making and tasting them! You will learn to make a range of cocktails and mixed drinks including, the perfect Gin and Tonic, Tom Collins, Daiquiris, Mojitos, and the Old Fashioned and many more. Each and every time you mix a drink at Shaker BarSchool you will be pouring from a range of quality house & premium pours; including the globally recognised brands such as Havana Rum, Absolut Vodka and Martin Millers Gin; that way you can check at every step of the way that you have perfected the taste, look and presentation of your drink, how else will you learn to be a distinguished cocktail bartender?


    Stage 2. Advanced Bartenders Course

    The Advanced Bartenders Course is a practical hands on course, designed with modern bartending at its heart. Throughout this course you will focus on creativity, experimentation and learning.

    Throughout the week all your learning will focus you towards your end goal of presenting 2 drinks. Drink one will be allocated to you by tutor, you will design and create your own twist on a classic mixed drink family member, this is your chance to put into practice the new skills you have learnt for example infusions, homemade syrups and sherbets. Drink two will be a classic, vintage or forgotten cocktail of your choice, researched and presented with historical context, through research and experimentation you will find a preferred recipe

    During the course you will be set cocktail creation challenges to test your newfound advanced knowledge and creative skills. Working to set criteria designed to test specific abilities and perception of concepts you will be asked to create innovative cocktails based on classic mixed drink families.

    You will conduct comprehensive tasting comparisons of all the major spirit categories; including blind tastings that will allow you to really hone your tasting and advanced flavour detection skills by cutting out any potential brand or bottle bias; comparing premium and house spirits as well as how different production techniques and ingredients/flavours can affect the sensory experience of the end product.

    Learn about detailed mixed drink history and the mixed drink family tree/DNA for example; punches, slips, fizzes and cobblers; and how to confidently apply substitution and modifier theories into modern and current drink concepts using a range of primary, secondary and tertiary ingredients.

    As an advanced cocktail bartender you will research and explore lost and forgotten classic cocktail recipes as well as many vintage mixed drinks; alongside looking at advanced and cutting edge cocktail making techniques, such as batching, vatting, ageing drinks, making syrups, sherberts, infusions, reductions and dehydrations to name just a few. Then you will discover the essential building blocks of designing your own drinks.  Discover how to give your cocktails that cutting edge with a focus on stimulating the sensory experience, using an extensive range of fresh ingredients fruits, herbs and vegetables and exploring game changing modern garnishing and a range of modern vessels.

    Our advanced course manual contains over 60 classic, vintage and contemporary cocktail recipes for you to create and experiment with, you will also explore other cocktail throughout the course.

    By the end of the advanced bartenders course you will have gained specialist practical cocktail skills that are transferable into any working bar scenario, from independent bar to 5* hotel.


    The aim is to focus on bar training, to take you from beginner through to a developed and well-rounded cocktail bartender with a competent grasp on classic cocktails, spirit knowledge and speed of service.


    Learning Objectives

    • World Class Customer service workshops
    • Free-pouring techniques and accuracy
    • Essential mixology techniques
    • Competent knowledge of classic and contemporary cocktails
    • In-depth product knowledge of spirits and liqueurs
    • Free pouring accuracy
    • Bar preparation and set-up
    • Essential tools of the professional bartender
    • Speed of service
    • Confidence in creating innovative cocktails
    • Mixed drinks DNA, understand and discover many more mixed drink family members and their DNA
    • Confidently apply substitution and modifier theories into modern and current cocktail concepts
    • Discover lost and forgotten classic recipes and vintage cocktails
    • Creating syrups, sherberts, infusions, reductions & dehydrated garnishes
    • Advanced drinks making skills including, throwing, swizzling and rolling
    • Round building
    • Batching, vatting and ageing drinks
    • Comprehensive spirit category tasting partly conducted blind so as not to be biased by brands and bottles, to help you hone your tasting and advanced flavour detection skills
    Hospitality Guild Kite Mark Quality Assured
    United Kingdom Bartenders Guild

    The Professional Bartender Package combines the two flagship courses from Shaker BarSchool;

    The International Course (IBC)

    The Advanced Bartenders Courses (ABC)

    Formerly the Silver Package

  • Additional Information

    Course Times

    Monday – Friday 9.00am-4.30pm

    Suitable for

    Trade course

    Course Weight

    25% Theory/75% Practical


    Shaker Theoretical and Practical Exams (IBC & ABC). Shaker Free-Pouring Accuracy Test (IBC & ABC)


    International Bartenders Course and Advanced Bartenders Course certified by Shaker BarSchool® and Quality-marked by The Hospitality Guild and accredited by the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild. Certificates and Results are aimed to reach you within 4 weeks of completing the course, if you live outside of Europe please allow some extra time.

    Course Location

    Shaker BarSchool, Shaker UK Limited, The Old Rectory House Hotel, Ipsley Lane, Ipsley, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 0AP OR Shaker&Company 119 Hampstead Road, London NW1 3EE Please make sure you book your correct location

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