Professional Bartending By Adam Freeth

Every bartenders guide to the industry…
Aimed at those who are thinking of doing a course on the subject or starting up their own business, this book offers expert advice on all aspects of bartending.

This title includes an introduction to the tools, equipment and glassware every good bartender needs kicks off the book followed by an in-depth list of common ingredients and a detailed step-by-step chapter covering all the basic techniques, such as the correct way to pour beer, layering, floating, sugar- or salt-frosting rims and garnishes.We then move on to The Bar, a chapter dedicated to the practicalities of running a bar: including stock taking, replenishing the bar, storing drinks, hygiene and how to serve drinks. A large part of the book is assigned to recipe development, with recipes for aperitifs, cocktails, mocktails, martinis, shooters and hot drinks, to include all the most popularly requested drinks.
Flair bartending (juggling bottles and the like) is also covered. Finally, a chapter entitled Good Bartending clarifies the role of the bartender, good customer service, alcohol awareness, dealing with drunks, and health and safety. So whether you’re looking to improve your own skills or wishing to make a profession out of bartending, this book provides all the advice and answers you need.
“There is very clear and informative direction from the author on how to look after your customers, and it is obvious that he is a master of these skills…”
(Julian Shaw, Director of Gorgeous Group : Caterer & Hotelkeeper)
“This looks set to become a bible for anyone hoping to make bartending a career…”
(Harpers Wine & Spirit Weekly)

“Informative and inspirational in equal measure. “Professional Bartending” is an indispensable guide for the entrepreneur and aspiring amateur alike…”
(Faye Coulman : The Culinary Guide)

“Following in the giant footsteps of Prof Thomas…”
(Drinks International)

“I’m thinking of buying a copy for the slack-jawed youth behind the bar in my local – he could certainly use some of Freeth’s tips…”
(East Anglian Daily Times)
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