Shaker Company Mission Statements

Bar School

To offer unrivalled practical and theoretical bar training and educational courses for the hospitality industry. Our mission is to evolve our courses amid the ever-changing climates of the industry and provide an environment which endorses that advancement.

To contribute to the growth of professional bartending by educating and inspiring the bartenders of tomorrow.

Bar Consultancy

To provide our clients with an impeccable standard of service by delivering comprehensive bar, training, consultancy, and development packages for the hospitality industry.


To forge a network of relationships with leading suppliers and associations to offer our clients a turnkey solution for their business, recognising that the strength of the company’s relationships with customers  both existing and potential is key to a successful future.


To ensure that our employees have the support and development necessary to provide this service, to adhere to the investors in people standards and to achieve and exceed our income targets through organic growth.

The History of Shaker

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The Story Begins01 January 1996
Whilst studying and working as a travelling bartender throughout Europe Adam Freeth set about creating a bartending school and so the story of Shaker begins.
The Business Plan01 January 1997
Adam spent his days studying and building the business plan for an internationally recognised bartender training school that would inspire and educating bartenders, by night he worked in bars, nightclubs, cocktail bars and restaurants to gain vital experience.
The First Course01 January 2001
Shaker BarSchool® launches its first course the International Bartenders Course with just 5 delegates…including one from Brazil and Australia…and three from the UK – including James Maloney of Jammins ( whom has gone onto become one of the UK’s leading cocktail trainers.
Shaker Hits Europe01 January 2002
Shaker BarSchool runs bartending courses throughout Europe for the seasonaire’s in Crete, Rhodes and Ibiza with Anil Sabharwal and Adam Freeth heading up training.
Shaker Barschool Launches01 January 2003
ShakerBarSchool London and Birmingham launches providing a state of art bartender training school in the heart of the UK. The Advanced Bartenders Course is developed through the demand from existing bartenders wanted to further their knowledge and skills.
Shaker Hit The Road01 January 2004
Shaker BarSchool is taken on the road with bartending courses being delivered in Leeds to budding cocktail bartenders. Shaker BarSchool are invited to deliver training in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.
5 x World Champion Joins Shaker01 January 2005
5 times world bartending champion Jamie Stephenson joins the Shaker BarSchool training team to head up the BarSchool. Shaker BarSchool starts to deliver training for the previously disadvantaged helping young people in Birmingham gain employment.
BarSchool Cape Town is set up01 January 2006
Anil Sabharwal joins Nick in South Africa and Shaker BarSchool Cape Town is set up in the heart of the city and the backdrop of Table Mountain.
First International Franchise of Shaker01 January 2007
Adam meets Nick Cursi and the wheels are set in motion for the first international franchise of the Shaker BarSchool bartending courses. Shaker train 100 previously disadvantages people through their professional bartender course with huge success, helping young South Africans into employment.
First Molecular Mixology Course on the planet 01 January 2007
After over a year in the development and Taking inspiration from some of the world’s top chefs including Pierre Gagnaire, Heston Blumenthal and Ferran AdriaShaker BarSchool launches the first Molecular Mixology Course on the planet innovating the future of bartending and training 100’s of bartenders and trainers from across the globe.
First Time Courses in Caribbean01 January 2008
Shaker BarSchool runs a series of bartending courses for the first time in the Caribbean in the beautiful island of St Lucia.
Shaker BarSchool Johannesburg launches01 January 2009
Shaker BarSchool Johannesburg launches in the heart of the city to offer aspiring bartenders the opportunity to become a professional bartender with the International Bartenders Course.
Graduate crowned Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the year01 January 2009
Graduate of the Shaker BarSchool – Eric Lorencz is crowned Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the year following a global challenge which saw 9000 bartenders from around the globe shake, stir and pour their way through national heats.
Shaker BarSchool Middle East launches01 January 2009
Shaker BarSchool Middle East launches working with a local partner to offer aspiring bartenders the opportunity to become a professional bartender with the International Bartenders Course, Advanced Bartenders Course and Mixology Courses.
Shaker Approved by WSET01 January 2010
Shaker become an approved program providers by the WSET( offering accredited spirits training as part of our International Bartenders Course
Shaker selected for official training providers01 January 2010
Shaker is selected by Peter Dorelli the Education Officer and the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild committee to be the official training providers for the most prestigious bartending organisation on the planet. UKBG was established in 1933 and is recognised globally by the bartender community as the forerunner for bartender education.
Shaker BarSchools launch in Antibes01 January 2011
Shaker BarSchools launch in Antibes, France offering courses tailored to seasonaire’s and the Yachting community. Shaker also runs one-off courses in Cyprus, Lebanon and Switzerland.
Shaker BarSchool London Moves01 January 2011
Shaker BarSchool London moves to state of the art premises in central London providing bartenders with one of the most impressive cocktail training bars on the planet
Shaker train 40 bartenders in Lagos01 January 2012
Shaker BarSchool trains 40 x bartenders through the International Bartending Courses in Lagos, Nigeria to huge success.
Accredited by the Hospitality Guild01 January 2013
ShakerBarSchool are invited to become accredited by the Hospitality Guild and the International Bartenders Course is Quality Marked for delivering quality, world class training.
Shaker BarSchool has Moved – We have moved to Redditch, Worcestershire (15 miles from Birmingham).