Classic Cocktails  


The daiquiri is the perfect rum-savouring cocktail as the sugar and lime take the harsh edge off the rum and enhance the flavour, bringing the caramels and spices to the forefront. Here is a modern version of the classic, where lime is commonly used in place of lemon, and sugar syrup in place of granulated sugar.

Glass: 10 oz rocks or 5 oz Martini
Method: shake & fine strain
50ml Bacardi Superior Rum
12.5ml lime juice
1 barspoon of sugar syrup


Put all the ingredients into a mixing glass and fill with ice. Cap with a Boston shaker and shake vigorously until the shaker freezes on the outside. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass or fine strain into a chilled Martini glass.


Garnish with a lime wedge.

Other Information

It is generally accepted that the American engineer Jennings Cox first invented the daiquiri, working near Daiquiri in Cuba. It is believed that in 1896 when entertaining some VIPs, Cox ran out of his gin supply so offered his guests a local mixture of rum and lemon juice and added granulated sugar as the drink was too harsh. This simple classic was made famous in the 1950s by President John F. Kennedy who proclaimed it to be his favorite cocktail.

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Classic Cocktails