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Shaker BarSchools professional bartending courses offer you the opportunity to train in all disciplines of professional bartending with some of the most comprehensive bar and cocktail training programs available in the world.  Now available in Redditch, Worcestershire (15 miles from Birmingham), Antibes, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Durban, Perth, and Sydney with more locations to follow soon.

Shaker BarSchools reputation precedes itself and the quality of our training programs and trainers are what we hang our hat on.

If you want to be a bartender then Shaker BarSchool is the place for you, Shaker have vocational bartender training solutions for everyone from beginners right through to professional cocktail bartenders, bar managers and F&B managers. If you want to be a bartender then a Shaker BarSchool course will give you the ideal entry route into the industry.

12 Other Reasons To Choose Us

Here are 12 other reasons to choose us from all of the other bartender schools take 2 minutes to read why, or feel free to drop by to one of our free sessions. then make your choice;

1. Reputation Our reputation for world class bartender training precedes us and the proof is in the pudding. The reputation we have built since 2001 is unsurpassed within hospitality for high quality training and providing both seasoned and new bartenders with the skills, knowledge and experience required to excel at the highest level.

2. Quality Assured The quality of our training programs are endorsed by our partnerships and accreditation by some of the leading industry bodies including being the official training providers for the United Kingdom Bartenders Guild, established in 1933. Shaker are also accredited by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and are quality marked by the Hospitality Guild collectively establishing Shaker BarSchools as the most quality assured bartender training program on the planet.

3. Travel If you are looking to take a gap year, travel the world and have fun with the skills of a professional bartender then the Shaker BarSchool International Bartenders Course is perfect for you. Our founder and Managing Director started Shaker BarSchool after working seasons throughout Europe and this course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to become an international bartender and provide the foundations required around the world.

4. Recruitment Our graduate bartenders are sought after and well regarded within the hospitality industry. We have direct recruitment links into many of the best bars, hotels and restaurants in the UK, South Africa, Middle East and Australia. With dedication and commitment to becoming a professional bartender Shaker graduates are given the very best start in the global hospitality industry.

5. Student /Tutor Ratio We have a 1-6 ratio of students to trainer policy. Our focus is on YOU and developing your skills and not on how many people we can cram into a room, this means we can spend more one on one time with each person to advance their knowledge, hone their skills and experience.

6. Graduates Shaker Bartending School graduates have gone onto to become national bartending champions, international bar trainers, world renowned bartenders, 5* Hotel Managers, General Managers. The foundation of training of many of our industries legendary bartenders have started at Shaker BarSchools we are most proud of this.

7. Experience Our team have a combined experience of over 100 years of operational and bartending experience. Our trainers must have a minimum of 5 years, with most of trainers having more than 10 years experience behind bars before they are even considered to work in our training team. Each trainer then goes through a rigorous 6 months of training followed by assessment and practical trainer examinations before we let them loose on you so only the most experienced trainers make the cut – think of Top Gun for bartender trainers. Most trainers from 90% of other schools wouldn’t even make the first stage of a Shaker BarSchool trainers interview.

8. Knowledge We have a team of competition crusaders, mixology maestros, flair fanatics, geeky gastronomes and some walking encyclopaedias of the bartender community the difference is our ability and passion for sharing this knowledge with YOU. We care more about what knowledge you leave with than how much we know and share this with vigour and enthusiasm.

9. Research Our research combines over 20 years of research, 100 years of experience, two degrees, a masters degree and the publishing of a book. Our research into the optimal content, delivery and training methods for the transfer of knowledge and skills go far deeper than simply knowing how to make cocktails.

10. Philosophy Our mission is to offer unrivalled practical and theoretical bartender training and educational courses for the hospitality industry. Our mission is to evolve our courses amid the ever-changing climates of the industry and provide an environment which endorses that advancement. Shaker BarSchools aim to contribute to the growth of professional bartending by educating and inspiring the professional bartenders of tomorrow and promoting the advancement of professionalism and bartending as a profession.

11. Environment We continually invest in the most cutting edge equipment, stock the leading brands, produce quality training materials and design our schools for advancement and delivery of world class training programs. You won’t find our schools in the basement of a nightclub on trestle tables, setup on wooden makeshift bars or ran from our garage.

12. Testimonials If you need to know more reasons why Shaker BarSchools have led the way in bartender training in the UK, Africa, Middle East and Australia – click here for video testimonials.

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